Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fratelli's is Paradise

Nominative determinism refers to the theory that a person's name influences their job or profession.
If this is the case the Paradiso brothers and Co. who run Fratelli Paradiso, in Sydney's Potts Point, never had a chance.
It's one thing to expect your child to grow up to be a doctor or lawyer. It's quite another to expect them to recreate paradise!
But in terms of food and service that's what Johnny, Enrico and Marco have come close to doing - a slab of Nona's hospitality and fine Northern Italian cooking mixed with ample slabs of sexy professionalism.
The main long cosy dining room is a lunching hot spot but to see how your food is really prepared slip into a booth in the adjoining bakery/pasta area for a lesson in passion, authenticity and pure food porn!
12pm is when the pizza comes out of the oven piping hot with the mozzarella still stringy, sweet and salty.
It's my secret hideaway when I need to cocoon.


  1. why haven't Buggles & Squeak reviewed this establishment...a visit is definitely in order.

  2. Hi Reemski and Buggles and Squeak, if you do pop into Fratellis you may find yourself next to former PM Paul Keating. He's in there about three times a week! Indira