Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making Pasta in a Dust Storm

What a day! Today Sydney was blanketed by a red dust storm of  biblical proportions. Gale force winds picked up thousands of tonnes of red topsoil from the Northern Territory and dumped it across the state.

There is a fine powdery film of dust on literally everything! Trapped indoors I sort refuge in the kitchen, and  in between writing made some egg pasta - this time flavoured with a little saffron (and red dust!).


  1. Good job on the pasta! It's looking very good!

  2. Why would anyone want to make fresh spaghetti when it is a well known fact that dried spaghetti tastes better. Other well-known food facts include: tinned tomatoes taste better than fresh; tinned asparagus tastes pretty good, perhaps as good as fresh; tinned salmon doesn't taste better than poached fresh salmon but does taste better than smoked salmon.

  3. I like your method of drying your pasta. My mamma and nonna (grandma) would be proud of you. You haven't lived until you have tasted fresh fettucine made with a sauce cooked for hours using pork ribs and home made polpetti (meatballs)..Well done. Looking forward to seeing you on Masterchef.

  4. Love making fresh pasta - never thought to add saffron though - thanks for the inspiration.

  5. unfortunate that the photo of the eggs in the flour looks like you have managed to drown a fly in the eggs!!

    Big opinions from Bara - not sure I agree that "it is a well known fact that dried spaghetti tastes better", dont let convenience cloud your taste buds

  6. Hi clekitty, I find pasta making by hand soooo relaxing even though its very time intensive. By the time I've made the dough, pasta and filling I've often lost my appetite! Indira

    Hi Bara Evans, don't really want to get involved in this one. One's bread is another man's cake Indira.

    Hi Cristina, I'd love your recipe for pasta sauce with pork ribs and polpetti! Indira

    Hi Sally, go easy on the saffron - it can be very strong. Just a few strands will do the trick.Indira

    Hi Brock, what do you mean 'looks' like a fly? How so you know it wasn't a deliberate addition? Hee Hee HaaHaa...Indira

  7. Hi Indira,

    I've made home pasta many, many times, usually I've cooked its fresh within a few hours of making it, I've never let it dry for longer than that, so how long do you let it dry for and does it go brittle when dried?
    As I would like to make it more over summer and dry for use later when time is short and we long for fresh pasta and herbs out of the vegi patch

  8. Hi Larry,
    I don't dry it for long ... just an hour or so. One of my Italian friends taught me to hang it so that's what I do. Not quite sue what the benefits are other than you get nice long strands that don't stick! I have kept fresh dried pasta for a few days and it still retains its flavour and bite. Maybe try putting some fresh herbs from your garden into your dough. Indira