Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What do you serve at a Star Trek Premiere?

Actor Eric Bana signs autographs at Star Trek Premiere, Sydney Opera House
(photo: courtesy Sydney Morning Herald)

Trekkies have finally got the Star Trek movie they've always wanted. I make a bold prediction that JJ Abrams' take on the the 40 year old sci-fi franchise will boldly take the cult series to new audiences and new generations. From the opening scene to the closing credits the young cast, and seriously impressive CGI and sound editing, breathe life back into what was becoming a tired format. Eric Bana has proven yet again that he has the baddie genre all sewn up. And can I just add that Bones is hot!

So, what do you serve VIPs gathered at the Opera House for a WORLD PREMIERE? We were greeted with red, green and blue vodka and bailey shots in test tubes, veal pies topped with a swirl of potato mash and pea puree, duck pancakes, tuna and swordfish sashimi, and tasting plates of wild mushroom, asparagus and orecchiette pasta, and beef mussaman curry served with jasmine rice and pappadams. Much better than your usual space rations.The pies were undeniably the big hit. Rove and I caught each other out scoffing them down as we rushed into the screening.

The only downer of the night was the compulsory confiscation of my phone for the duration of the movie - along with 300 others. Paramount Pictures are paranoid that since the premiere was a few weeks before the film's official release on May 7, illegal images and video grabs may find their way onto the net. Believe me, my 2 pixel phone camera was never going to derail the huge success of this juggernaut!

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