Thursday, April 23, 2009

Becasse it tastes so much better

Isn't civilisation a fickle thing?
Remember when it use to be the height of style and sophistication to eat a frozen dinner in front of the telly in one of those plastic compartmentalised trays? I shudder at the memory.
Now the trend is to ditch processed foods and embrace natural ones. From farmgate to the fork. No middlemen. Hallelujah!

This is the philosophy of Justin North owner-chef of Sydney's award-winning Becasse restaurant.
He is a passionate champion of organic, free-range, and therefore happy meat and vegetables.
Yesterday Justin hosted an Autumn Producer's Forum at Becasse to give diners a chance to meet his dedicated producers, share their passions and sample their wares in a lunch specially designed to showcase the season's freshest produce.
Here's what we were served...

Entree: Seared local marlin with steamed courgette flower, scallop mousseline and pea tendrils

Mixed bread rolls - pumpkin bread, potato bread and sourdough

Main: Three different cuts of Roast Cornish black pork with butternut squash fondant, buttered cabbage, ginger jus and crackling

Cheese course: Tasting of Capparis Goat's Cheese

Dessert: Goat's cheesecake, rhubarb, burnt rosemary butter crumble and Lord Nelson Admiral ice cream.
And how much did I enjoy it?
This much!

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  1. When Becasse was a little but very fine restaurant near Central Station my partner and I had a wonderful meal there, a meal that was spectacularly rich at every course. When the new restaurant opened I remember the very positive review saying the food was now even more rich. Short of force-feeding foie gras between courses, I didn’t see how that was possible.