Thursday, November 17, 2011

My spring plantings - Day 1

All the book promotion for The Edible Balcony ironically delayed my spring plantings until mid September.

The thyme bush is three years old now. I had to replace the oregano with a new seedling.
The tioga strawberries are fruiting for their third year (and probably last)

 chives, some silverbeet  and nasturtiums as well in the rosemary pot ...

New plantings of butter and red coral lettuce

4 tomato seedlings interplanted with purple and common sweet basil

... these will be towering giants in a few months...

Purple leafed basil not only has a wonderful aniseed flavour - it also provides a stunning visual contrast to all the greenery. 

There are two ripe lemons on the Dwarf Meyer lemon tree and dozens of deeply perfumed white flowers

... a perfect enticement for the bees...

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