Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Edible Balcony - Potato Progress

Harbour white-out  (photo:Mark FitzGerald)

Well it's two weeks since the seeded potatoes went into their planter bags.

After one week their thick spade-shaped leaves have popped through the straw mulch, compost, blood and bone and potting mix. The royal blue and banana varieties are going like gangbusters...

..the desiree and symphonia seem to be growing a little less robustly. This could be because the other bag is blocking a little of their light and heat from the spring sun.

These are the pics I took yesterday.

As you can see, the potato plants have quadrupled in size. The next step is to fill the bags up again with another layer of straw, manure, and potting mix leaving just the tips of the leaves exposed. This technique, I'm assured, will encourage more potatoes to take root. I should expect the first harvest in late November.

(photo: Mark FitzGerald)

Spring on the edible balcony couldn't have come soon enough for me. I know experienced gardeners say all seasons have their delights - even winter - but for me spring can't be topped. The air is sweet with promise.

(photo: Mark FitzGerald)

And what's at the other end of the rainbow? The Edible Balcony of course.


  1. Your potatoes are looking great. I grew my potatoes in grow bags last year and they worked well (Royal Blue like yours too).

  2. Lovely photos - I bet there aren't many potato plants that have a view as wonderful as that!

  3. My potatoes will wish they have the same nice view like your potato does. We are growing them in pot containers. Yours look very healthy and growing fast to have a better view outside from your balcony.