Thursday, July 15, 2010

Edible Balcony - Strawberry and white chocolate ganache tartlets

Winter isn't kind to the Edible Balcony. The summer and autumn lushness has been replaced by plant stasis. But it does mark strawberry season.

These juicy red jewels have been well-worth waiting for.

This large Tioga variety is growing amongst the nasturtiums in hanging baskets.

Not as fragrant as my smaller variety in the pots but still sweet and juicy.
I still have to do a morning caterpillar patrol to make sure the slugs don't enjoy them before I do.

They made a perfect topping for some tartlets for afternoon tea.

The tart shells are a good quality pre-bought range that come in boxes of 24.

I made a quick ganache filling using 250g of melted white chocolate mixed with 1/3 cup of fresh pouring cream. 
I sliced the fresh strawberries into quarters and glazed them with some warmed strawberry jam.
Anyone for tea?


  1. those tarts look awesome..

    and so easy to make too..

    love ur blog, it looks so refreshing.

  2. MMMM!!! Les fraises!!! I would love to be there to visit for a cup of tea!
    xxxx LM from Montmartre (great markets there too;-) next time you come.