Sunday, January 3, 2010

Edible Balcony - too edible

Maybe we were a little crazy attempting to have a New Year's Eve party on a small balcony crammed with my plants. We kept numbers down and posted a gentle reminder to guests about their behavioural obligations.
The morning after with bleary eyes and throbbing head ( from too many vodka jellyshots) I crawled out onto the balcony in the harsh light to inspect the damage . Remarkably there was no sign of human-caused damage to the plants but someone else had had a very, very drunken New Year's Eve...

my bushy basil plants weren't looking so bushy....

...and on closer inspection they were covered with dozens of holes....

...that could mean only one thing.....

...gotcha Mr Caterpillar and four other of your marauding friends.
At least you died with your belly full.


  1. Mr caterpillar and friends obviously didn't read your sign hehehe

  2. Oh you nasty little Caterpillar!!!!

    Love the sign!

    Happy New year! xx

  3. Hi Amanda,
    yes... they didn't read my sign.... they must have been visiting backpackers!

    Hi Liss,
    Caterpillar are part of our gardening life aren't they Liss? But do they have to infiltrate my 13th Floor balcony as well???? Indira