Friday, March 20, 2009

What would your last meal be?

This isn't a difficult concept for me. Annoyingly - for my family and friends - I treat every meal as though it was my last. Whether it's a wagyu beef burger or grilled cheese on toast, or a new season white peach, every ingredient needs to be fresh and organic. Life's way too short to eat badly.
That said, I enjoyed this wonderful platter of melt-in-your-mouth mixed salumi in a trattoria on Lake Como last May. It may be hard to top....


  1. I agree, I'd have to say a big plate of yummy meats or cheeses or dips in the middle of the table with loved ones.

  2. Hi Sathya, well if we spend our last meal together there will be no quibbling about what to have! Hopefully 'our last meal' is some way off yet. Happy eating!